About This Site, And Why It Was Created

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Carrie Wrigley LCSWMusic has always been a huge force for good in my own life.   It has provided not only entertainment, but also comfort, inspiration, and direction when I needed it most.

Over the past 30 years, I have been writing down the songs that have come into my mind - in happy times and in sad times; in times of celebration, and in times of sorrow.   So often, music has pointed the way to a more peaceful path, a more productive direction, a more joyful journey - even in the midst of significant challenges.   It has lifted my heart, nourished my spirit, strengthened my resolve, and given me courage to move forward - no matter what obstacles might get in the way. 

I have seen music do similar things for other people.   In religious settings, I have seen music touch the spirit like no other force on earth, reaching the inner soul, and bringing messages home on a level that words alone can never duplicate.   Much of the music I have written over the years was created for religious meetings, conferences, and programs - so much of the music on this site is of a religious nature,  celebrating the "peace which passeth all understanding"  (Phillipians 4:7) that flows from a solid faith in God, and in his Son, Jesus Christ.  There is a healing, sustaining power in religious faith that can foster hope in an intensely powerful way - getting people through extraordinary challenges, and through little daily bumps in the road. 

But religious people are not alone in facing challenges, or in needing hope to carry on in the face of sorrow or difficulty.   Over the years, I have also been asked to provide music for non-religious events - school programs, professional conferences, community theatre productions, and other settings directed toward a general audience.    It has been gratifying to see the message of hope make a difference in these settings as well.   For that reason, both religious and non-religious music of an inspirational nature are included on this site.  

To make it easy for site visitors to find a song that best meets their current need, I have provided a coding system for each product on the site, as follows:

  • G - General (for general audiences, drawing on universal themes and values)
  • C - Christian (for audiences sharing a faith in Jesus Christ - often drawing on Old and New Testament references)
  • L - LDS (primarily for audiences of the LDS faith, drawing on the unique scriptures and doctrines of the LDS church) 

Here on this site, you will find sheet music and recordings that you can purchase and download.   I have also provided searchable lyrics,  an A-Z index,  and other materials to make it easy to find just the message you need.  Feel free to browse through these resources.   Whether you purchase anything or not, I hope the time you spend on this site will lift your spirits,  put a smile on your face, and provide you  indeed with Music 4 Hope.  

                   -- Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, composer and site administrator



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