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150JesusChrist Living Christ music - (Sheet Music and MP3 recordings)  A series of six songs, setting the words of "The Living Christ" to music, to aid in memorization, retention, and deeper understanding of this sacred text.    

See FAQ's - Living Christ Music for more information.


150FamilyCircleFamily Proclamation Music - (Sheet Music and MP3 recordings)  A series of six songs, setting the words of "The Proclamation on the Family" to music, to aid in memorization, retention, and deeper understanding of words of the Brethren on marriage and family.

See FAQ's - Family Proclamation Music for more information.


150HispanosCanciones, 1988(MP3 Recordings - FREE PRODUCT)  Songs written in Spanish, 1985-1986, by Sister Carrie Maxwell, while serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission.   Recorded in 1988, with the hope of someday sharing these songs with the Spanish-speaking Saints in Argentina and elsewhere.    Cordoba gets a new temple in May 2015 - so it seemed fitting to prepare these songs, in downloadable mp3 format, and share them, as part of the celebration of the growth of the work of the Lord in Cordoba and elsewhere. 


150PrayingWomanCOMING SOON! - Women of God - Program Toolkit  (Scripts and Sheet Music)  Since 2008, Carrie Maxwell Wrigley has been writing programs celebrating the contributions of women of faith throughout the ages.  Originally created and performed for Stake Young Women's camps, Stake Relief Society Conferences, and Relief Society Birthday celebrations, these resources are also useful for a wide range of firesides and other spiritual events.

You can use a single program, as originally designed:
1: Women in the Scriptures    
2: Women in Church History  
3: Women of God in Our Time

Or, create a custom program, mixing and matching songs and monologues from different programs, with different voicings, narrations, underscores, etc.  to match the needs and talents of your group, and the theme and message of your event. (Like musical Legos, that you can customize and design to meet your unique need! ) 

These resources are being loaded to the website now, and should be available within a few days.  Watch this page for updates, and to know when these great resources will be available!











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