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Music-VP $3.00 Preview

    (A Song For Children - Based on Isaiah 54:13

There's a special feeling that I get that feels so good inside --
A quiet kind of stillness that comes to me sometimes.
It's a feeling that could only come as a gift from up above,
For it makes on earth a heaven: A place of light and love.

    And I feel peace, peace, when I close my eyes to pray;
    Peace, peace, when I listen and obey;
    As I think of Jesus, and follow in His way,
    I can feel His perfect peace.

When I'm home with my fam'ly, Playing games and having fun;
When I'm singing songs in Primary, When I help or serve someone;
When I do my best to choose the right, When I'm loving and I'm kind,
This special heavenly feeling Lights up my heart and mind.

Even when I'm sad, and things don't go exactly right,
This feeling comes and changes all the shadows into light.
Even when I'm lonely and I think that no one cares,
I feel my Savior near me and I know He's there---

As I think of Jesus, and follow in His way,
I can feel His perfect peace.

    © 1994, Morning Light Publishing 










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