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CD - Enjoy Them Now

CD - Enjoy Them Now


Celebrating family and other important relationships.  

Our relationships are some of our greatest treasures.  Building strong, fulfilling relationships with our partners, children, parents, friends, and others can be hard work - but may perhaps be the most enduring and important work of all.   By Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

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Songs on this CD, with notes and references. For lyrics, click on the song title. 

1. Enjoy Them Now (G) - I wrote this song eight years ago, after the birth of my 5th child, With five kids age eight and under, the house was full, my hands were full, and I was always tired! This song is based on advice given to me then, to help me through that demanding time. Beyond that - it's an anthem to the importance of all our relationships.  None of know how long our loved ones will be with us. "Enjoy them now."

2. I Often Dreamed (G) - From early childhood, we are inundated by media images of what relationships are "supposed" to look like. Movies, romantic novels, and even T.V images, even the taboids "educate" us in what to expect from a life partner. But real life brings some wonderful surprises - maybe even better than the fairy tale version.

3. Magnificent Creation (L) - As my oldest son approached his 12th birthday, and two lovely teen daughters blossomed into maturity, it inspired in me new reverence for manhood, and for womanhood. In the dawn of creation, mankind and womankind were the final masterpiece of the Creator (see Gen. 1:27);  yet constricting media stereotypes fail to convey the grandeur and value of men and women.  We honor the Creator when we honor and respect His " magnificent creation."

4. Behind Those Walls (G) - Even the best relationships go through some hard patches. Walls of hurt and misunderstanding can build gradually over time, even in our nearest and dearest relationships. Yet love persists, and can be re-ignited, even from "behind those walls."

5. That's When Real Love Starts (G) - Fairy tales always end with the words, "And they lived happily ever after." The truth about relationships in the real world is that they require consistent work - like a cherished garden, requiring constant attention. We learn to love best when we learn to love intentionally - choosing to care for someone on a daily basis, even if they prove to be substantially different from ourselves.

6. Living Parallel (G) - This is a story lived out in many marriages, in one form or another. "Parallel marriage" is all too common - couples who live essentially separate lives, without meaningful connections to one another - a condition often preceding the devastation of divorce. But this condition is entirely optionial, and can be replaced at any time by something far better. 

7. Blue Carnation (G) - In relationships, it's not usually the big things that make it or break it - it's the little things. This song is a "musical snapshot" of one of my most cherished moments with my husband, Steve. We celebrate our 20th year anniversary next month, September 2008, as this CD is released. Happy 20th, sweetheart. You have long been my inspiration - my  refuge - my dearest, most trusted friend.

8. Necessary Surgery (C) - Relationships are the source of our richest joy - and our deepest sorrows. None of us live, work, or communicate with perfect beings. We can so easily hurt, offend, or even devastate each other. But all these experiences can build in us new strength, compassion, and insight - if we are willing to keep our hearts open, and trust the great Physican who specializes in healing souls.

9. Free to Love (C) - When we are rejected, abused, left out, or disapointed in relationships, it can be tempting to protect ourselves, closing ourselves off from others so we will not be hurt again. But real growth and healing requires a very different choice, liberating us in a joyful way that does not depend on how we are treated by others.

10. Doin' a Lotta Good (C) - We live in incredibly busy times, with so many good things to do - so many exciting things to be - that it can be very easy to lose sight of what's most essential. Some careful self-evaluation may be required at times, to assure that we are giving our time and ourselves to what matters most.

11. This Far (C) - No matter what life throws at us, what mistakes we might have made, or what might of been committed against us - we  each have a need for safe haven, a source of deliverance - something higher than ourselves that we can look to when we get in over our heads. Inspired by Alma 36:5-27, this song celebrates the highest, holiest Relationship of all, with the One who is always there - no matter what.

12. Make a Difference (G) - Each day brings opportunities to interact with our fellow beings - at home, at work, on the street, in the mall - anywhere we might find ourselves.  If we are willing, we can be instruments of hope, of comfort, and of strength to those around us. The world is ever more challenging, for ever more people. We can choose to help. We can choose to make a difference.


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All songs written and performed by: Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, © 2008

Recorded at: Morning Light Studio, Sandy, Utah

CD Design by: Matt Maxwell (www.MattMaxwellDesign.com)











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